Pharmaceutical Industries

Typical Applications we have solved include:

Code verification of date and lot code after printing (inline print inspection in real-time)

Label inspection - Date and lot code, preprinted component number, and printed codes

Common printing formats we work with include: Hot stamp, laser, ink jet, or preprinted labels

Optical Character Verification (OCV) for human readable codes

Barcode verification for 1D and 2D (Datamatrix or QR Codes) including all commonly used symbologies

Serialization and aggregation of data for various packaging levels such as bottle label, tray, case, and pallets

Component verification for presence and position during assembly (caps, pumps, tamper evident seals etc.)

Print quality inspection to detect missing or extra graphics that would be considered defects

Assembly verification, dimensional verfication, component presence verification

Validation Services include IQ/OQ/PQ Protocol writing and execution