General FAQ

We are a machine vision integrator and we do provide turnkey machine vision systems for use in factories.

We have over 50 years of combined engineering expertise in designing and installing machine vision systems.

We can help you with any machine vision related question, and offer consulting services to assist manufacturing customers successfully implement machine vision technology.

We work with Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Cosmetic, Document handling, Chemical production, OEM machine builders, Consumer Products and other manufacturing companies.

Our experience with machine vision technologies can help you implement machine vision at your factory in your process.

We solve applications and provide robust, reliable solutions. 

Yes we offer Stainless Steel brackets and can supply for food processing or drug manufacturing environments.

We use a material code of S (Stainless Steel) for these parts

For ruler/scales in the rods, we recommend selecting laser marked scales.

Let us know what camera, light and sensors you may wish to mount

You can call, email or send a request for us to contact you.

We will walk you through the process, help guide your selection and recommend a bill of materials to help you get started.

You can even sketch out a concept of what you wish to do, take a picture with a cell phone camera and email it to us.

If you are working with one of our distributors, let us know and we will keep them in the loop on the design and parts list.

We do include design services and can have remote web design sessions and you can speak directly to an engineer to help with your application.


Our goal is to help you by understanding what you need, and help you configure a solution from our standard parts.

If you have an applicaton or part we have not yet supplied, we also provide custom mounts for special requests.

A setup for a particular application typically uses:

  • Base - mounts to a machine or base plate (Part family 2000)
  • Right Angle base - mounts to a machine or base plate, this would be an alternative option to a base (Part family 2100)
  • Rod - A precision ground cylndrical rod that is made from Stainless Steel (S), Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum (H), (Part family 3000)
  • Knuckle - a rectangular block that joins two rods together at right angles (Part family 1000), this can be made from Aluminum (A) or Stainless Steel (S), (Part family 1000)
  • End Knuckle - a rectangular block that joins a rod to a camera/light/sensor mount (Part family 1100), this can be made from Aluminum (A) or Stainless Steel (S), (Part family 1100)  
  • Camera Mount - Provides a complete bracket assembly with all required fasteners to mount a camera of your choice (1100 family)
  • Light Mount -  Provides a complete bracket assembly with all required fasteners to mount a Light Mount of your choice (1100 family)
  • Sensor Mount  Provides a complete bracket assembly with all required fasteners to mount a Sensor of your choice (1100 family)

We provide a modular mounting systems for industrial machine vision cameras, lights and sensors.

Our standard brackets are modular and configured with common parts that are easily configured and very flexible in adjustment.

We stock and supply Standard component rod diameters so we can ship same day or a reasonably short time:

  • 1/2" Diameter
  • 3/4" Diameter rods as standard products.

Metric diameter rod can be provided upon request, this is special order but we welcome this and metric rod is very commonly requested and is not a problem to supply.

We work with customers who work with machine vision systems in implementing vision systems.

One major requirement all vision systems have in common is the need for mounting of the cameras, lights and sensors needed to trigger cameras.

People who use our systems generally appreciate the ability to use a module set of mounting components to standardize the setups and mounts.

Typical people who use our mounting brackets:

  • Sales Engineers
  • Application Engineers
  • Machine Vision Integrators
  • Machine Vision Users and Plant Automation Engineers
  • OEM machine builders who need to integrate machine vision into machines
  • Project engineers who need to install vision systems into existing machines as retrofits