Caron Engineering announces new Partnership with Serview

Caron Engineering Expands Their Systems Integrator Network in the U.S.


Caron Engineering recently partnered with New Jersey-based company, Serview, to provide full service, sales, and support of their smart manufacturing technology product line. Serview will be covering systems integration in the U.S. states of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.


Serview is a family-owned integration services company with CAD/CAM/CNC capabilities. They maintain an engineering focused machine shop to support both prototype and production CNC machining. They have been supplying advanced machine vision technology and systems integration services for the manufacturing industry for over 23 years. Owners and brothers, Steve and Brian LeBlanc, bring a wealth of expertise to the industry. They specialize in providing service to clients using advanced industrial automation systems and technology. Their products are in use by clients worldwide, most often in production of mass-produced items where quality is critical. Their integration experience covers a wide range of industrial technologies including PLC (programmable logic controllers) and CNC (computer numerical control) based controls systems. In addition to this, they also integrate 2D and 3D machine vision for inline process inspection.

“As an integration and manufacturing company currently utilizing Caron Engineering products to optimize and automate their own production, combined with their technical knowledge and industry experience, Serview is a welcomed addition to the Caron Engineering network of systems integration specialists,” said Derek Waterman, Integrator Manager for Caron Engineering.

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